Lutron RA2 Select Pico Faceplate LPFP-S4-TAW

Lutron RA2 Select Faceplate for four Pico controls - White

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Model number: LPFP-S4-TAW-CPN7811

Pico faceplates allow you to coordinate, accent, and blend your lighting controls with your décor, and experience a new way of expressing style and taste.


  • Plastic faceplates feature square corners and flat edges.
  • Glass faceplates feature square corners and beveled edges.
  • Faceplate snaps onto the faceplate adapter with no visible means of attachment.
  • Pico controls mount flush with the faceplate.
  • Pico faceplates work with both square and round style wallboxes. They can also be mounted to any non-metallic surface.


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